Commercial Archaeology

Twenty five years in the construction industry as a Construction Projects Manager has given me a unique perspective into the challenges of preserving our past while building our future.

Changes in planning policy towards our historical environment and heritage assets have become a matter of course. Construction and Archaeology are not so different that they cannot find common ground but forward planning is key to prevent delays and unnecessary costs. 

Including Touchstone Archaeology in the project at the pre-planning stage will provide information that can assist with mitigation strategies, presenting a responsible design and development plan.

Engaging Touchstone Archaeology from the first indication that an archaeological condition will arise, will allow the archaeological works to be included in the project programme and plans can be put into place for the efficient use of plant and labour. 

My experience in the construction industry means that I understand the importance of weather, the impact of delays, the planning and management of contractors, plant and materials and the costs that can be incurred. 

It is not our intention to disrupt the construction process, but to work with our client and the developer to assess the archaeological potential and to record archaeological features and deposits accurately and efficiently.